Why plan ahead or bedroom for four.

By Slava · On Wed, 05/20/2015 - 00:00

Small note: this happened few years back when I was living in Western Ukraine.

I’m looking for new apartment— I have to because the place I’m renting right now were sold and long story short, I’ve got to move out. So, I’ve checked new one the other day and my first impression was great — new building, first rent, spacious two rooms, good design, nice furniture, but.. There’s always but.

I must explain now, renting decent apartment in Ukraine long-term is rather tricky — you either must pay a lot or it’ll be in God’s forgotten part of the city, where no white man has stepped before. Which is not a big deal, if own a car — everyone got one these days, but the thing is that I don’t. Plus in such beautiful city as Lviv, driving a car to or from work instead of taking a walk is like committing a crime against humanity — you don’t want to do that.

But let’s get not carried away — apartment. Typical ones that available on the market are like 90's websites — you must remember those, with eyes tearing colours and banners that make you cry like a baby who just found out his guinea pig has died two months ago. You often wonder, is it me or those people had taken complete leave of their senses?

I’m not going to terrify you with all the things I’ve seen and suffered, this last one I’ve checked got bedroom of 24 square meters with two king-size beds. Holy Cow you’d think — and you’d be right, Holy Cow indeed. Plus, if you sit and look closely, living room walls are painted grey and for 96 sq. m. apartments, the mini fridge looks kind of greedy.

Thing is that originally apartments were supposed to be rented short-term to people on duty journey or tourists, so the more people it could accommodate the better, right? Mini fridge makes sense in that case too, as well as grey walls — we all know duty travellers and tourists have really strange taste and gladly agree to things like fried ice-cream, sheep brains or, in our case, grey walls and mini fridge. All of which still doesn’t explain two king-size beds in the bedroom.

As apartment’s owner told me, close to the end of renovation works, they realised that apartment is too nice to be rented short-term and they decided to rent it long-term. And we have what we have as a result, a good example of pivoting gone wrong. Nice, cozy (almost, except to grey walls) apartments for singles our couples.. with two damn two-people beds.

Sure, you could get rid of one bed, but that leaves you with the problem of free space. It’s too much for bedroom, of course you could set up workspace there, but then it must be separated from where you sleep — otherwise you simply could sleep at the office, plus that means doing room redesign again and that means you have to remove everything from the room first, then do the job and obviously it takes great deal of extra time and money and, since apartment renovation jobs are the same everywhere, you end up with big pain in the ass.

So what was I about. You see, in web development, it is exactly the same situation — it is pain in the ass to redo, redesign, adjust previous decisions, which turned out to be wrong and it does take extra time and money too.
Thus, preliminary planning, thinking and clearly set goal is exceptionally important both for the end result and positive return on investments. You either get prepared properly before the first line of code is written or.. You are a proud owner of the bedroom with two two-people beds.

Or, which is also an option, you talk to someone who knows what they’re doing. For example, you talk to me.